About my Limited Edition Prints

I have always been frustrated by the fact that my art takes so much time to create – 210 hours in the case of the drawings in my Animal Series and the Floral Symphony Series – it makes the price of buying an original out of the reach of so many people who love my work.
There is no greater pleasure for an artist than seeing their work hanging in a collector’s home. When I walk into a house and see my work on the wall I feel instantly at home because every work of art is a part of me. I put my heart and soul into every piece.
Making prints is a great way to make my art available to everyone and making signed and numbered limited editions ensures that they are still something really special. I can also offer images of those original pieces from the past that are already sold.
My prints are printed by Fine Art America and are made to order. I sign and number each one by hand. The printing is of the highest quality and, being a perfectionist, I am happy to say I feel proud and confident with what I am sending out to my collectors.
I hope you will be tempted to start a collection for yourself or your loved ones.
If you are buying a print for someone else why not buy them a gift voucher and let them choose which one they would like?
A gift voucher for one print including postage and packing for the print is £45.
Please email me maura@ichorgallery.com
Marian Fannon Christian