Baby’s Breath 3 – Original Cyanotype


This Cyanotype is an original one of a kind work of art. It is created on heavyweight, beautifully textured watercolour paper. The size is 11 x 7.5 ins. and it is unframed.

The Cyanotype is created on beautifully textured Hahnemuhle watercolour paper.

The Cyanotype process was developed by Sir John Herschel in the 1840’s and shortly after used by the pioneering female early photographer Anna Atkins. A method of photography using sunlight without the use of a camera.

White Baby’s Breath: A positive colour, is affiliated with purity, virginity, innocence, light, goodness, heaven, understanding, cleanliness, faith, beginnings, possibility, sincerity, protection, softness, and perfection.
They are generally called Gypsophila. The reason why it is widely known as Baby’s Breath is that it’s charming and innocence look which resembles a little baby.