B’ino (Beeno) Bird


From a series of very large 40 x 30 ins. Fantasy Animal drawings in ink.

“B’ino (Beeno) Bird”

I am a big red rooster, my name is B’ino Bird
I think I’m very famous, but that’s just what I’ve heard.
What’s that you say? You want me, to come down to the pub?
A lovely group of artists? A lively arty club?
I’m sure I’d fit in nicely – my blue toes much admired
And with my bright red feathers, I’m artily attired.
But can’t you see I’m busy and don’t know what to do?
My hen has gone out dancing and left me in a stew!
She must have known beforehand but didn’t even mention
Her plans for fun this evening or her discotheque intention.
How can I go down to the Pub? Won’t matter if you beg,
How can I go out anywhere and leave my precious egg?
The little life inside it is growing day by day
And might not make it to this world if I just go away.
I’m not that kind of father, I’m not that kind of bloke
Who’d go and leave a chick alone just feeding on a yolk.
It’s really very fragile and needs a loving nest
And when it comes to fathers, I want to be the best.
So please don’t be offended, please understand my words
We roosters have a job to do, we’re very busy birds!
I have to go now quickly, back to the chicken run
So head off to your arty club, I’m sure you’ll have great fun!
Please tell the artists down there, I promise that I’ll come
As soon as I can get this egg back underneath its Mum!

Copyright: Marian Fannon Christian

A Limited Edition of 150 Prints – signed and numbered by the artist.
Will fit straight into a standard 16 x 12 ins. and 20 x 16ins. frame. No need for a mount.
Accompanied by a signed poem written by the artist.
Professionally printed on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Paper by a member of the Fine Art Trade Guild using cutting-edge Epson HDX Ultrachrome archival pigment inks, guaranteeing you the most beautiful and stunning print quality.
Sent by Special Delivery/International Signed For.