Embellished Eucalyptus – Original Drawing on Cyanotype


This  Cyanotype is an original one of a kind work of art created using Eucalyptus Leaves. It has been double exposed. A double exposed Cyanotype is made by creating a cyanotype with different plants , feathers, or other objects then bleaching it, recoating it with the light sensitive chemicals and re-exposing it using the Eucalyptus leaves. it is created over a period of 4 days. The result is having the image underneath come through in the Eucalyptus leaves.
The drawing is created in gold, silver and pink metallic ink in the style of Sashiko Japanese embroidery.
It is  on beautiful Bockingford watercolour paper size 11 x 7.5 ins. without a border.
It is unframed.
The Cyanotype process was developed by Sir John Herschel in the 1840’s and shortly after used by the pioneering female early photographer Anna Atkins. A method of photography using sunlight without the use of a camera.

Sashiko  is a type of traditional Japanese embroidery or stitching used for the decorative and/or functional reinforcement of cloth and clothing.