Rhonda the Rhino


From a series of very large 40 x 30 ins. Fantasy Animal drawings in ink.

Rhonda is a beauty, she’s lovely to behold
And people come to gaze at her, both young and very old
They’re always asking questions, and wanting to be told
How did she get those colours of red and blue and gold?
So here is Rhonda’s story,
I promise that it’s true
Please pass it on to everyone
As I do now to you…
Way down in the savannah where the wild grass grows
A lovely rhinoceros is striking a pose
For an artist who is painting her big, blue nose
She has to keep from falling off her big, red toes.
With a little bit of turquoise and a little bit of green
He paints a lovely rhino, the likes you’ve never seen!
At first she was so nervous, she wasn’t very keen,
When asked if he could turn her into a Rhino queen.
He dotted her and blotted her
So very glad he spotted her!
He splished her and he splashed her
Eye-balled her and eye-lashed her!
She stood for him, so good for him
To satisfy his every whim
Kept very, very still for him
And meanwhile in the interim….
Way down in the savannah where the wild grasses sway
All the other animals seem very far away
She thinks a lot about them, and wonders what they’ll say
And hopes that they’ll still want her to join them in their play.
By the time the sun is setting and the light begins to fade
Rhonda has been painted in every hue and shade
She wonders if the animals will think she makes the grade!
Oh! Should she be excited, or should she be afraid?
Her friends are coming back now, they’ll see she stands apart
She won’t know what to say to them, she won’t know where to start
To tell them all about her day, and how she gave her heart
To an eager beaver artist, who turned her into art!

Copyright: Marian Fannon Christian

A Limited Edition of 150 Prints – signed and numbered by the artist. Available sizes 16 x 12 ins. and  20 x 16 ins.  Will fit straight into standard size frames. No need for a mount.

Accompanied by a signed poem written by the artist.
Professionally printed on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Paper by a member of the Fine Art Trade Guild using cutting-edge Epson HDX Ultrachrome archival pigment inks, guaranteeing you the most beautiful and stunning print quality.
Sent by Special Delivery/International Signed For.