Yoyo Bird


From a series of very large 40 x 30 ins. Fantasy Animal drawings in ink.

Yoyo Bird

Yoyo seems a bit absurd
An up and downy kind of bird,
Her mind is only on one thing
And that involves a piece of string!
She only likes what’s round, not flat
And she includes the ground in that!
Each foot is perched upon a bubble
She thinks it keeps her out of trouble.
Balanced on her spiky toes,
How does she do it? No one knows!
Her neck is very long and thin
Bobbing up and down again.
Her body stays completely still
Despite the icy, winter chill.
The spider’s webs a-danglin’ down
Have formed a lacy, winter gown.
Her feathers have such elegance
I know how many, just by chance.
Twenty One are hanging there,
She grows a new one every year!
Pink and yellow, green and blue,
Some are polka dotted too!
I wonder, when the winter’s gone
And Robins sing their summer song,
When birds are flying to and fro
What happens to our dear Yoyo?
Do the bubbles disappear
And leave her falling on her ear?
What happens to the lovely lace
When the sunshine falls upon her face?
And will her neck still be a-bobbin’
Keeping time with little Robin?
I’d like to think she’ll stand there still
Dreaming of the winter chill,
Until the world returns to snowing,
She’ll keep on growing and Yoyo-ing!
But all I really know, it’s true ….
There’ll be a feather Twenty Two!

Copyright: Marian Fannon Christian

A Limited Edition of 150 Prints – signed and numbered by the artist.

Accompanied by a poem written by the artist.
Will fit straight into a standard 16 x 12 ins. and 20 x 16 ins. frame. No need for a mount.
Professionally printed on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Paper by a member of the Fine Art Trade Guild using cutting-edge Epson HDX Ultrachrome archival pigment inks, guaranteeing you the most beautiful and stunning print quality.
Sent by Special Delivery/International Signed For.