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My work is collected in many countries including USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Italy, Spain, France, India, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Australia and Indonesia. I have lived in many of those countries including Hong Kong, The Philippines, Indonesia, India, England and Ireland and  some of my influences come from those places. I am married with a daughter born in The Philippines and a son born in Hong Kong.

My artistic career began at my home in India in 1999. I started with small, black ink drawings which grew to very intricate coloured ink drawings on large 40 x 30 ins. paper. These works have been described as organic surrealism and often resemble fine lacework. I work in various media but most enjoy working with ink, pastels, watercolours and Cyanotypes.


“There is a needling, obsessive quality to her work that keeps it from being anything so blah as “pretty”. These are forms that seem to spread virally to the edge of the page, landscapes are darkly distorted and her florals definitely aren’t the sort of thing you’d see on a sofa – unless it was a particularly cool one. There’s wonder and warning in them, an invitation to admire but to heed their wildness.”  Kate Weir – Kensington and Chelsea Review

“Marian’s work consistently showed that, even without realizing it, she had been absorbing all the cultures she had lived in  Hong Kong, The Philippines, Indonesia and now India. With no conscious intentions whatsoever, aspects of these rich cultures could be seen in her countless works. ” Kreol Magazine

“We can now look at your patient stitches, one after the other, tying secrets to poetry and colour to shape.” Benedetta Barzini

“It’s a most exquisite painting and, looking at it closely, it’s not only the superb sense of colour and design that impresses, it’s the sheer technical bravura with which you apply those sweeps of colour leaving delicious little white “snowflakes” in its wake.”  Reggie Oliver

“In her art the joy of life is translated as the pure joy of painting. Inner realisation reaches out to those aspects of life that can only be experienced when we are alert to the smallest, unnoticeable parts of nature. It teaches us that when we surrender the whole of our being to the wonders of life, nature in all its wondrous forms becomes magical.” Armando Alemdar

Custom bracelet with toggle clasp

Rated 5 out of 5
29 November 2023

Marian is a very talented and special lady. When I ran an idea past Marian for a bracelet as a birthday gift, not until February, she was more than happy to oblige.

I gave Marian the measurements required, colours, a picture of the design and requested a toggle clasp.

I gave Marian plenty of time in advance but she made it immediately. Marian advised and confirmed the type of clasp just to double check.

The bracelet arrived via royal mail next day, I was so excited to open it and have a look. Wow 😮 so beautifully and carefully presented. I even tried it on and it feels so special. The beads are gorgeous and smooth and the clasp is perfect for one handed use.

I definitely recommend this high quality and exceptional service that Marian provides.


Diwali - love and light ring

Rated 5 out of 5
15 November 2023

I ordered this beautiful ‘love’ ring for Diwali . It arrived within two days in the most beautiful gift wrapping. It really is a joy to wear. I would recommend the work of this wonderful artist and shall definitely be visiting the site again to look for more gifts for friends and family.

Sita Brahmachari

Commissioned ring in LGBTQ ring with Rastafarian colours on one side and Lime Green on the other which symbolises Nature.

Rated 5 out of 5
12 November 2023

Met this wonderful lady’s work on Facebook and was so impressed with her attention to detail and colour. I immediately asked her to make me a special one. She communicated with me and got straight down to it.

I paid via PayPal and within 24 hours a beautifully wrapped ring with handmade tags and cotton string arrived super quick. It was a delight to unwrap and put the ring on. I wore it immediately and only took it off to wash my hands. I had a good few compliments and I’m definitely going to re-order for myself and friends in the future. She is a consumate professional and a very talented craftswoman. It is good to support female owned businesses and this site is very easy to navigate too. If you’re thinking of buying I’d say do it.

Lotte McGregor

Custom Earrings

Rated 5 out of 5
20 October 2023

I asked Marian if she would be willing to make me some earrings for my birthday.

Marian was more than happy to do that for me. I wanted Jamaica colours and after a bit of designing I came up with the perfect design based off another pair in Marian’s shop.

Marian did my doodle design more than justice. I absolutely love them.

They arrived next day after posting and carefully packaged. Everything was presented to an extremely high standard and made me smile for ages.

The earrings make me feel very special when wearing. Thank you 🤩


Handmade beaded lobster clasp bracelet

Rated 5 out of 5
15 October 2023

Hello 👋 I cannot explain the most beautiful bracelet Marian has made for my mum☆ I saw on her page a beaded bracelet that had a cat design and I knew straight away my mum would love it however I was wondering about a change of colour scheme and if the cats could look like my mums own cats. So I messaged Marian and I received a message almost instantly back and the process started from there! Such kind and considerate and really made a amazing bracelet – I sent her the photos of my mums cats and they look identical to what was created! Messages were very quick back and answered all questions that I asked with lots of detail- also I requested if it was possible to do shimmery beads for the background and Marian went out of her way to order 4 different lots in different colours to see what I liked – this was amazing for me as I very indecisive and Marian truly picked the best colour sheme! I cannot explain how truly special this bracelet is and my mum wears it everyday and loves it! She loves that it is something personalised and Marian is truly a perfectionist and what her hands made is something that will be treasured forever and she is so clever at her art and craft work – I must say that she also was spectacular at making sure about the measurements of my mother’s wrist and what sort of clasp would be best for her- I must say about the beautiful little card that handmade came with it with a message and a little piece of artwork and beautiful packaging 📦 within 3 days of confirming the final details it has arrived at my mums very securely and very quick – it was special post and packaged – I cannot explain the high level and quality of everything enough! Service was absolutely great and was a pleasure seeing my mum open it ! Every little detail was perfect and fantastic and absolutely amazing! Marian messaged me to let me know when it was ready to be posted and when it was due to arrive and also checked that my mum received it and that everything was OK- absolutely cannot recommend this service and high quality enough ! The pure joy that she has created is very special ♡ everything was very professional and I will definitely be going back for more gifts! Really needs highlighting just how amazing her craft work is and how beautiful- highly recommended! Thank you 😊



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